About us

The team and the story behind Horenso

The Team

Horenso is the brainchild of the team at RAZORlabs - Software Solutions (https://razorlabs.com/), a web development agency dedicated to building innovative products for global companies and established brands. Our team is driven by a passion for efficiency and a desire to create tools that solve real-world problems.

The idea for Horenso was born out of necessity. As we navigated the complexities of coordinating projects and ensuring efficient communication within our team, we recognized a need for a tool that could streamline this process. We wanted a solution that would ensure every team member's input was captured consistently, no matter where they were. And so, Horenso was born.

The story behind the name

The name Horenso is more than just a catchy title. It's a reflection of our commitment to effective, efficient communication and teamwork. Horenso is a method for information sharing heavily used in Japanese business society, and it's a practice that we believe can benefit any company or organization.

The term Horenso is an acronym derived from three Japanese words: HOKOKU, meaning to report timely and adequately; RENRAKU, meaning to communicate properly; and SOUDAN, meaning to consult or have a team discussion about issues that need to be solved.

By embodying these principles, Horenso aims to help teams achieve common objectives through coordinating members' understandings and actions. It's about ensuring that every piece of critical information is collected, every team member is heard, and every project is a collaborative effort.